Burr Pond

Beauty of God's Creation on Burr Pond_a The LORD has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad.

~Psalm 118:24~

Today is such a beautiful day. After the snow and freezing rain, who would have thought Spring would finally arrive?! I’m feeling pretty good. It’s still cold out but the pain is less than it has been. I’m just enjoying this reprieve. The sun is shining so brightly and the air is still. If there wasn’t snow on the ground, it would be a perfect day to enjoy a cup of coffee overlooking Burr Pond. Then, perhaps enjoy a canoe trip where I could take a lot of pictures. I am definitely getting Spring fever!

I love spending time outdoors. It draws me closer to God. I am amazed at His creation and inspired by its beauty. I can picture the clear blue sky over the pond. I can see the lily pads lining the water. The birds are singing high above the treetops. A lone beaver slaps his tail on the surface of the pond. It’s so peaceful out here. The gentle gliding of the canoe makes a swishing sound as it passes through the water.  A fish swims by and hides within the maze of plants. I just love it here.

These are some of the photo’s I took on the last trip to Burr Pond. It was a bit overcast but the rain held off. My son and I were watching a little frog jump around in the mud. It was the cutest thing. I love spending time near the water. It’s always so peaceful and therapeutic.

Looking at His Reflection_a

The Bible often talks about the beauty of the Lord and just how much BETTER heaven will be than here on earth. My mind can’t seem to wrap around this concept. I know it’s true but when I see some of the beauty around me I wonder how anything could become MORE beautiful. I look at the flowers and am amazed by their perfection. I watch the squirrels and the birds and can’t comprehend the detail that went into creating such creatures. To think there is something more beautiful to look forward to! God’s creation is amazing and to think we are created in His image…WOW!

Burr Pond_a


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